Leon Hale

Leon Hale blogs daily and writes a Sunday column of personal commentary for the Houston Chronicle.

He is the author of 11 books, including two novels, two memoirs and several column collections.

Phillip Lopate, writing in the New York Times about personal essays, numbered Hale among the top three columnists writing today in America. Leon Hale

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New From Leon Hale


His first podcast. Monkeyshines from best-selling Home Spun is the first track. Click here to listen.

New from Leon Hale OLD FRIENDS is Leon Hale's newest book.

Here Leon Hale reaffirms his reputation as a master of the short personal essay. Once again, these are stories of common experience transformed into little treasures of human observation told in the graceful conversational prose that has become Hale's hallmark.

As a special treat, readers will also find several favorites from books that are no longer in print -- including "The Chamber of Commerce Bull," probably the most requested of all Hale columns.

The stories gathered here offer the delight and amusement we have come to expect from this celebrated author, but most of all they remind us of the enduring value that comes from understanding with the heart the small beauties of life--a characteristic that Leon Hale has refined and transformed into art.

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Back in Print

Book Club Winedale Publishing now has eight of Leon Hale's books in print and available at your local bookstore or online through www.winedalebooks.com. They may also be ordered at www.amazon.com.

TURN SOUTH AT THE SECOND BRIDGE, a Texas classic that records a vanished world of colorful regional characters. His first book.

SUPPER TIME, a delicious remembrance of food, friends and loved ones. Regional bestseller.

HOME SPUN, his second delightful collection of Houston Chronicle columns. Regional bestseller.

ADDISON, his second, award-winning novel that tells the story of a flawed hero and the love of his life.

PAPER HERO, his award-winning memoir of growing up during the Great Depression in Texas.

EASY GOING, the last collection of columns from his days at The Houston Post.

BONNEY'S PLACE, the classic novel of a Texas beer joint.

Click here to order or read a complete backlist of Leon Hale titles.


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